3 Key Pillars for Effective Project Management

Lukáš Endal
7:36 pm | 6 min read

In today’s fast-paced world, effective project management is a key element in successfully executing projects and achieving set goals. Organizations around the world are looking for tools to help them create, plan, and manage projects.

Project management is an essential element for the success of organizations in today’s fast-paced world. Here are some key statistics that show how these tools can help and what problems can arise if such tools are not used:

Statistics on effective project management:

  1. Increase team productivity: According to a survey conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), effective use of project management tools increases team productivity by more than 30%.
  2. Reduced risk of project failure: The PMI survey also shows that organizations that use project management tools are up to 71% less likely to fail a project.
  3. Improved budget adherence: According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), up to 75% of organizations see improvements in budget adherence through the use of project management tools.
  4. Faster project delivery: With efficient project planning and tracking, organizations can complete projects up to 20% faster.

Problems associated with inadequate project management:

  1. Lack of communication: Lack of communication within the team can lead to a misunderstanding of project tasks and goals.
  2. Improper resource scheduling: Without effective resource scheduling, organizations can be confronted with staff overburdened or lack of available resources.
  3. Budget overdraft: Insufficient cost and budget tracking can cause project budget overspending and financial problems.
  4. Waste of time and energy: Manual project management and low transparency can slow down processes and cause a loss of time and energy.

The above statistics and issues clearly show that effective project management is the key to successful project execution. Proxiuss Project+ in Salesforce gives organizations the tools to address these challenges and achieve successful project completion. If an organization is looking to increase productivity, reduce the risk of project failure, and manage the budget effectively, project management tools can become an essential element of their success.

Proxiuss Project+

Managing projects and teams across different companies or even between countries requires a professional and accessible project team that can handle tasks with all the necessary data and keep the project budget in check. Ideally, everything should be available in one place, easily accessible and intuitive to use. Proxiuss Project+ offers three key pillars to help organizations achieve successful project management.

Project management: the key to successful projects

Full Project Management: Project management is the foundation of successful projects. Proxiuss Project+ provides complete project management, which includes project definition, planning, progress tracking, and resource management. This feature allows organizations to stay on top of all aspects of the project.

Project Phases & Milestones: Defining project phases and key milestones allows organizations to plan and track project progress. This functionality ensures that the project team is on the same page and the goals are clearly defined.

Agile / Waterfall Projects: Each project may require a different approach. Proxiuss Project+ supports both agile and waterfall project models, giving organizations the flexibility to choose the right approach.

Kanban Boards: For efficient task management and workflow tracking, the app offers Kanban Boards. This feature allows project teams to visualize the workflow and easily add, edit, or complete tasks.

PMO-Friendly views: Project management offices (PMOs) need effective tools to coordinate and monitor multiple projects simultaneously. Proxiuss Project+ provides views specifically designed for PMOs, increasing their efficiency.

Task Management: Task management is an essential part of project management. The app allows you to create, track, and assign tasks, ensuring that no task goes unnoticed.

Task Dependencies: With the definition of task dependencies, organizations gain better control over the project schedule. Dependencies allow organizations to identify risks and adapt the plan as needed.

Gantt Chart: A Gantt chart is an excellent tool for visually displaying a project’s schedule and its timeframe. Proxiuss Project+ includes this feature for easy project progress tracking.

Team Collaboration on Projects: Effective team communication and collaboration are crucial to project success. Proxiuss Project+ offers tools for project collaboration, which improves team connection and productivity.

Collaboration & Chatter: Salesforce’s communication platform, Chatter, makes it easy for team members to communicate and share information. This functionality supports fast and efficient communication.

Project Progress Reporting: Tracking project progress and creating reports is important for effective project management. Proxiuss Project+ enables the creation of detailed reports on project progress.

Dashboards: Dashboards with visualizations of project KPIs provide a quick overview of the current status of projects. This functionality allows for quick decision-making based on current data.

Resource planner: optimize resource use

Employee Profile: Managing employee profiles is key to effective scheduling and task assignment. Proxiuss Project+ enables organizations to keep track of employees’ skills, experience, and availability.

Task Assignments: Effective task assignment based on employee profiles is crucial for optimal use of resources. The app allows you to easily and accurately assign tasks to a team.

Time Tracking & Timesheets: Transparent time tracking and timesheets allow organizations to keep track of how employees are using their working time.

Track Holidays & other Non-Working Days: Tracking holidays and other time off helps organizations plan projects with employee availability in mind. This functionality increases planning efficiency.

Approval Process: Approval processes ensure that all tasks and time entries are approved before invoicing. This increases transparency and ensures that the work is properly documented.

Resource Capacity Scheduler: Resource capacity planning is key to making optimal use of employees. Proxiuss Project+ provides tools for planning resource usage and identifying overallocated employees.

Calendar Resource Utilisation: Resource calendars allow you to visualize employee workloads and schedule tasks based on their availability. This functionality facilitates efficient project planning.

Absences Management: Employee absence management is included in the app, allowing organizations to easily schedule replacement employees and minimize the impact of absences on the project.

Budget control: budget monitoring and management

Employee Rates: Defining employee rates allows organizations to accurately track project costs. Proxiuss Project+ provides the ability to set rates for individual employees.

Expense Tracking: Tracking costs is key to keeping project budgets in check. The app allows organizations to easily track and categorize costs.

Billing & Cost Tracking: Effective client invoicing and project cost tracking are key to maintaining project profitability. Proxiuss Project+ enables easy invoicing and cost tracking.

Project P&L Financials: Tracking a project’s profit and loss is essential for determining the financial health of a project. The application provides information about the financial health of the project in one place.

Indicators of Project Health: Proxiuss Project+ provides project health indicators, allowing you to quickly identify problems and solve them. This functionality simplifies project management.

Fix Price / T&M Price: Organizations often work with different billing models, whether it’s fixed prices or time and materials (T&M). Proxiuss Project+ allows flexibility in this regard.

Editing Reported Time and Money: Editing time and financial records is important for proper invoicing and project tracking. The app makes it easy to edit these records.

Invoices Evidence: Evidence of invoicing is key for audit and transparency. Proxiuss Project+ keeps evidence of billing and transaction history.

Activity Report for Client: Clients often request detailed reports on project activities. The application allows for easy generation of these messages for clients.

Acceptance Protocol for Client: The client acceptance protocol ensures that the project has been successfully completed and has met the client’s expectations.

Financial Reporting: Proxiuss Project+ offers a wide range of financial reports for better monitoring and management of project budgets.

Each of these pillars has an important role to play in the project management process, ensuring that the organization has full control over its projects. With these features, organizations can effectively manage their projects, optimize resource utilization, and keep the budget in check, all contributing to the successful completion of projects and the achievement of set goals.

To learn more, feel free to contact us, request a demo, or try a free trial. With our team and these tools on your side, you can achieve greater success in managing projects and achieving your goals. Let us know how we can help you!

Thank you for reading our blog, and we look forward to helping you achieve success in your projects!

Lukáš Endal
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